Florida Book Series by Tim Dorsey

Serge A. Storms

Florida Roadkill - Sunshine State trivia buff Serge A. Storms loves eliminating jerks and pests. His drug-addled partner Coleman loves cartoons. Hot stripper Sharon Rhodes loves cocaine, especially when purchased with rich dead men's money. On the other hand, there's Sean and David, who love fishing and are kind to animals -- and… Read more
Hammerhead Ranch Motel - There's a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: cocaine duckpins who have survived only by the dumbest fortune, hard-luck gigolos desperate to score, undercover cops busting undercover cops who are running sting operations on undercover cops. And just down the row, local historian and spree killer Serge A. Storms… Read more
Orange Crush - Here Florida politics take the main stage in a rollicking satire that proves Dorsey’s at the top of his game. When a traumatic experience forever changes Florida gubernatorial race candidate Marlon Conrad’s life, he hits the road in a Winnebago to find the “real” Florida. But his odyssey is plagued… Read more
Triggerfish Twist - Transferred to Tampa, mild-mannered Midwestern family man Jim Davenport thinks his new tropical villa home is a slice of heaven—until he encounters his new neighbors, a crazy collection that includes none other than Serge Storms and his incomparable cohorts Coleman and Sharon.  It all becomes too much for Jim, and… Read more
The Stingray Shuffle - When serial-killing local Florida historian Serge A. Storms is off his meds, no one is safe -- not Russian hoods, Jamaican mobsters, spoiled frat boys, women's book clubs, drug dealers, bad Vegas-rejected local lounge acts -- especially when $5 million in cash in a bugged suitcase is still racing up… Read more
Cadillac Beach - Serge A. Storms is back! The one-man crime spree hits no speed bumps as he swings through Tampa, Disney World, and parts south before settling down in Miami Beach to team up with a former sidekick and launch his long-overdue offbeat travel service. It's a labor of love as Serge… Read more
Torpedo Juice - Internationally best-selling author Tim Dorsey's irreverent and hilarious novels starring evil genius Serge A. Storms, lovable psychiatric hospital escapee, zoom along at breakneck speed, delivering laughs and shocks in droves. In Torpedo Juice Serge heads for the Florida Keys, where, curiously enough, he isn't the saltiest nut in the jar. Since it's… Read more
The Big Bamboo - His marriage plans fizzled, so Floridaphile serial killer Serge A. Storms is on a new mission: to convince the West Coast movie industry bigwigs to do their business in his beloved Sunshine State. So it's off to Tinseltown with his substance-sustained sidekick, Coleman—to schmoozewith craven cokehead producers and visiting Yakuza, who… Read more
Hurricane Punch - That lovable, under-undermedicated dispenser of truth, justice, and trivia is back with a vengeance—just as his cherished home state is about to take a beating from a conga line of hurricanes bearing down on the peninsula. But as Serge and his burnout buddy Coleman go storm-chasing, bodies begin turning up at… Read more
Atomic Lobster - Serge A. Storms is back with a bullet, torn between homicide and souvenirs, cranking up the fevered action as the pot boils over on a street called Lobster Lane. It's reunion time in the Sunshine State, and we're not just talking the family jamboree of the blood-soaked McGraw criminal clan,… Read more
Nuclear Jellyfish - Tim Dorsey’s outrageously zany, gleefully violent, and uproariously funny Nuclear Jellyfish marks the triumphant return of lovable, thrill-killing Florida historian and tireless civic booster Serge A. Storms. Thebestselling author of Atomic Lobster, Triggerfish Twist, and Florida Roadkill, Dorsey can match Carl Hiaasen punch-for-punch when it comes to fictionally depicting Sunshine State madness—and he’s taken his rightful place alongside Christopher Moore in… Read more
Gator A-Go-Go - That's right: Serge and Coleman do spring break! One spring break location obviously isn't enough for Serge A. Storms, so he must hit them all, traveling through various historic locales, spewing nuggets of history at anyone who won't run away, and dispensing his own signature brand of Sunshine State justice. … Read more
When Elves Attack - Heading to the beach for a Christmas Vacation? Don't forget to pack When Elves Attack! Tim Dorsey's take on a holiday story, tells the tale of Jim Davenport, a Management Consultant, who is paid to deliver the bad news to downsized employees, and also happens to be an old acquaintance… Read more
Electric Barracuda - Readers who can’t get enough of lovable serial killer Serge A. Storms can rejoice. He’s back in Electric Barracuda—the latest outrageous romp through the Sunshine State by Tim Dorsey, master of the zany crime thriller. This time Serge is a fugitive running from the police, and murder and mayhem have never… Read more
Pineapple Grenade - Gloriously unrepentant Florida serial killer Serge Storms is back—and he’s finagled his way into becoming a secret agent in Miami—in another outrageous crime comedy from New York Times bestselling author, Tim Dorsey. In Pineapple Grenade, the incomparable Serge takes up spying for the president of a banana republic, and now Homeland Security wants… Read more
The Riptide Ultra-Glide - Lovable serial killer Serge Storms is back and coming to the rescue of a Midwestern couple who aren't finding Florida quite as charming as he does in Riptide Ultra-Guide, the sixteenth installment in Tim Dorsey's bestselling series. When newly unemployed Patrick and Barbara McDougal decide a vacation in Florida is just… Read more
Tropical Warning -  In the tradition of Pineapple Grenade and The Riptide Ultra-Glide, a peculiar new volume of odds and ends from the world of everyone's favorite Florida psychopath—Serge Storms! Among the flotsam and jetsam of Dorsey's twisted universe: A never-before-published Serge Storms short story that places the iconic antihero in one of Florida's oldest (and… Read more
Tiger Shrimp Tango - Thanks to the growth of the Internet, America finds itself plagued by a noxious epidemic of ruthless scam artists. Where do they all come from? If you guessed 110 percent of them are spawned in Florida, you win the cigar. . . . When a new digital scheme goes horribly… Read more
Shark Skin Suite - Bottom feeders beware: the Sunshine State’s favorite psychotic killer and lovable Floridaphile Serge Storms has found a new calling, legal eagle, and he’s going to make a killing as a crusading attorney—and star as a dashing lawyer on the big screen—in this madcap escapade from the insanely funny New York Times bestselling… Read more
Coconut Cowboy - Florida’s favorite trigger-happy, shoot-from-the-hip vigilante history teacher is back—and he has a few scores to settle. Serge A. Storms is hitting the road. Inspired by the classic biker flick Easy Rider, the irrepressible trivia buff and his drug-addled travel buddy, Coleman, head out on a motorcycle tour down the length of the… Read more
Clownfish Blues - A (Serge A.) Storm is brewing for a cabal of bad guys gaming the Florida state lottery in this insanely funny novel from the maestro of mayhem, Tim Dorsey. If you’re loud and proud Floridian Serge A. Storms, how do you follow up your very own remake of Easy Rider? You… Read more
The Pope of Palm Beach - No one worships the Sunshine State as much as Serge A. Storms. Perpetually hunting Floridian arcana and lore, he and his permanently baked sidekick, Coleman, are on the road again. This time they’re on a frenzied literary pilgrimage that leads them back to Riviera Beach, the cozy seaside town where… Read more
No Sunscreen for the Dead - Serge and Coleman are back on the road, ready to hit the next stop on their list of obscure and wacky points of interest in the Sunshine State. This time, Serge’s interest is drawn to one of the largest retirement villages in the world—also known as the site of an… Read more
Naked Came the Florida Man - Though another devastating hurricane is raking Florida, its awesome power can’t deter the Sunshine State’s most loyal son, Serge A. Storms, from his latest scenic road trip: a cemetery tour. With his best bro Coleman riding shotgun, Serge hits the highway in his gold ’69 Plymouth Satellite, putting pedal to… Read more
Tropic of Stupid - Serge Storms is a lover of history, so he's decided to investigate his own using one of those DNA services. Excited to construct a family tree, he and his perpetually stoned friend Coleman hit the road in Florida to meet his kin. But as the old saying goes, the apple… Read more
Mermaid Confidential: A Novel - Serge A. Storms and his permanently baked sidekick, Coleman, have decided to pump the brakes and live on island time. After years of manic road tripping across their beloved Sunshine State, the irrepressible anti-heroes drop anchor in the Florida Keys. They settle down in Pelican Bay, a thriving condo complex… Read more
Tim Dorsey, The Maltese Iguana book The Maltese Iguana: A Novel (Serge Storms, 26) - After a long and arduous COVID-19 quarantine, Serge A. Storms is fully vaccinated and ready to hit the road. Along with his condo neighbors, he cooks up a wild plan to celebrate in true Serge fashion: each week, they rent a shuttle van and head out for funky Florida road… Read more

Florida Book Series by Steven Becker

The Early Adventures of Mac and Wood

Wood’s Relic - Mac Travis went to the Florida Keys to disappear, but his new commercial diving job turns out to be more than he planned. An artifact discovered while working on a bridge pier quickly draws the attention of a real estate tycoon, a Jersey mobster and twin Indian Chiefs all trying… Read more

Mac Travis Adventures

Wood’s Ledge - Meet Mac and Wood in this short prequel to Wood's Reef and Wood's Wall While tarpon fishing in the backcountry of the Florida Keys, Mac Travis discovers a plot to drill for oil in the pristine waters. After his life is threatened he teams up with his long time friend… Read more
Wood’s Reef - It’s easy to become invisible in the Florida Keys. Mac Travis was doing his best to keep a low profile: diving, fishing and enough salvage work to pay his bills. It’s a good life until he discovers something while spearfishing that could change the pristine Keys forever. His drunken crewman… Read more
Wood’s Wall - It's easy to become invisible in the Florida Keys. Mac Travis is laying low: Fishing, Diving and doing enough salvage work to pay his bills until three fishermen trolling the Gulf Stream discover a square grouper. Besides the drugs, the package contains a secret that changes their lives and jeopardizes… Read more
Wood’s Wreck - Mac Travis is forced to save his name and everything he owns, after a down on her luck trust fund heiress, talks his deckhand into using his boat to poach lobster. The plot thickens when Mac and his girlfriend Mel, discover a connection between her non-profit’s money laundering scheme and… Read more
Wood’s Harbor - Washed up on a beach, with a path of destruction in his wake, Mac Travis must put his life back together. With his girlfriend hanging by a thread, he becomes embroiled in a plan to blow-up US and Cuba’s fledgling relationship. Along with his wayward mate, the colorful Trufante, they… Read more
Wood’s Reach - Desperate for money and with Alicia in danger, Mac is forced to deal with a dubious antiquities dealer. The treasure hunt turns deadly as he tries to solve the riddle of the relic he found years ago. Experience the counter-culture and adventure of the Florida Keys in this new adventure… Read more
Wood’s Revenge - Minding his own business is what Mac Travis does best until a strong storm coupled with a king tide brings dead fish to his doorstep. Mac investigates the cause, discovering a murder and wreck at a testing station in Florida Bay. The trail leads him deep into the Everglades where… Read more
Wood’s Betrayal - Policy changes can have unintended consequences—and they can be deadly It’s easy to stay invisible in the Florida Keys. and Mac Travis is doing his best when a simple fishing trip to the Marquesa Keys lands him in the middle of a deadly plot. When a ruthless shipping magnate returns… Read more
Wood’s Tempest - Mac Travis thought it was easy to disappear in the Florida Keys. Living on an island; fishing, diving, and some salvage work kept him busy—until his past catches up to him. When a famous treasure hunter is murdered, Mac is handed his research of a hundred lost wrecks, but to… Read more
Wood’s Fury - Sometimes when you try and do the right thing—it turns into disasterLiving on an island, miles from the mainland, Mac Travis thought he could disappear. It was a simple life with no worries and fewer bills. Mac was content working his trap lines, fishing the seasons, and diving. That all… Read more
Wood’s Destiny - One that threatens the foundations of the United States Constitution. One man is ready to change history.Living on a small island in the Florida Keys is a dream for many. For salvor, diver, and fisherman Mac Travis, though, it’s a way to become invisible. But trouble has a way of… Read more
Wood’s Hope - On New Year's Day 1959, with Castro on the brink of overthrowing the Batista regime, the soon-to-be-deposed dictator looted the Cuban treasury and loaded it into four B26 Marauder bombers headed for Tampa. Only three planes landed. The fourth has never been found, and was rumored to contain three billion… Read more

Florida Book Series by Carl Hiaasen


Tourist Season - Take a trip to exotic South Florida with this dark, funny book that established Carl Hiaasen as one of the top mystery writers in the game.The first sign of trouble is a Shriner's fez washed up on a Miami beach. The next is a suitcase containing the almost-legless body of… Read more
Strip Tease - Only in America could an innocent, if drunken, guest of honor at a strip joint bachelor party become a mortal threat against Big Money and Big Government. Only in south Florida, land of roadside honky-tonks and sinister pleasure boats—not to mention blackmail and murder—would a virtuous topless dancer join forces… Read more
Lucky You - Grange, Florida, is famous for its miracles--the weeping fiberglass Madonna, the Road-Stain Jesus, the stigmata man. And now it has JoLayne Lucks, unlikely winner of the state lottery. Unfortunately, JoLayne's winning ticket isn't the only one. The other belongs to Bodean Gazzer and his raunchy sidekick, Chub, who believe they're… Read more
Basket Case - Once a hotshot investigative reporter, Jack Tagger now bangs out obituaries for a South Florida daily, “plotting to resurrect my newspaper career by yoking my byline to some famous stiff.” Jimmy Stoma, the infamous front man of Jimmy and the Slut Puppies, dead in a fishy-smelling scuba “accident,” might be… Read more
Nature Girl - Honey Santana—impassioned, willful, possibly bipolar, self-proclaimed “queen of lost causes”—has a scheme to help rid the world of irresponsibility, indifference, and dinnertime sales calls. She’s taking rude, gullible Relentless, Inc., telemarketer Boyd Shreave and his less-than-enthusiastic mistress, Eugenie—the fifteen-minute-famous girlfriend of a tabloid murderer—into the wilderness of Florida’s Ten Thousand… Read more
Squeeze Me - t's the height of the Palm Beach charity ball season: for every disease or cause, there's a reason for the local luminaries to eat (minimally), drink (maximally), and be seen. But when a prominent high-society dowager suddenly vanishes during a swank gala, and is later found dead in a concrete… Read more


Double Whammy - R.J. Decker, star tenant of the local trailer park and neophyte private eye is fishing for a killer. Thanks to a sportsman’s scam that’s anything but sportsmanlike, there’s a body floating in Coon Bog, Florida—and a lot that’s rotten in the murky waters of big-stakes, large-mouth bass tournaments. Here Decker… Read more
Native Tongue - When the precious clue-tongued mango voles at the Amazing Kingdom of Thrills on North Key Largo are stolen by heartless, ruthless thugs, Joe Winder wants to uncover why, and find the voles. Joe is lately a PR man for the Amazing Kingdom theme park, but now that the voles are… Read more
Stormy Weather - When a ferocious hurricane rips through southern Florida, con artists and carpetbaggers waste no time in swarming over the disaster area. Among them are insurance fraudsters, amateur occultists, and ex-cons on the loose. And caught in the middle are Max and Bonnie Lamb, honeymooners who abandon their Disney World plans to… Read more
Sick Puppy - When Palmer Stoat notices the black pickup truck following him on the highway, he fears his precious Range Rover is about to be carjacked. But Twilly Spree, the man tailing Stoat, has vengeance, not sport-utility vehicles, on his mind. Idealistic, independently wealthy and pathologically short-tempered, Twilly has dedicated himself to… Read more
Skinny Dip - Chaz Perrone might be the only marine scientist in the world who doesn’t know which way the Gulf Stream runs. He might also be the only one who went into biology just to make a killing, and now he’s found a way–doctoring water samples so that a ruthless agribusiness tycoon… Read more
Star Island - Meet twenty-two-year-old Cherry Pye (née Cheryl Bunterman), a pop star since she was fourteen—and about to attempt a comeback from her latest drug-and-alcohol disaster.  Now meet Cherry again: in the person of her “undercover stunt double,” Ann DeLusia. Ann portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too “indisposed”—meaning wasted—to go out… Read more
Skink–No Surrender - Richard's cousin is missing, and his best hope of finding her rests with the wily, one-eyed, ex-governor of Florida. Carl Hiaasen introduces his iconic character Skink to a younger audience in this nail-biting adventure!A National Book Award Longlist Selection Classic Malley: her parents are about to ship her off to boarding… Read more

Andrew Yancy

Carl Hiaasen's novel Bad Monkey Bad Monkey - In Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey, Andrew Yancy is suspended from his job as a Key West Detective after sodomizing his girlfriend's husband in broad daylight with a Dust Buster. When the Sheriff asks him to take a severed arm to Miami, it kicks off what Yancy hopes is his ticket… Read more
Razor Girl - When Lane Coolman's car is bashed from behind on the road to the Florida Keys, what appears to be an ordinary accident is anything but (this is Hiaasen!). Behind the wheel of the other car is Merry Mansfield--the eponymous Razor Girl--and the crash scam is only the beginning of events… Read more

Mick Stranahan

Skin Tight - After dispatching a pistol-packing intruder from his home with the help of a stuffed Marlin head, Mick Stranahan can't deny that someone is out to get him. His now-deceased intruder carries no I.D., and as a former Florida state investigator, Stranahan knows there are plenty of potential culprits. His long… Read more
Skinny Dip - Chaz Perrone might be the only marine scientist in the world who doesn’t know which way the Gulf Stream runs. He might also be the only one who went into biology just to make a killing, and now he’s found a way–doctoring water samples so that a ruthless agribusiness tycoon… Read more


Hoot - This Newbery Honor winner and #1 New York Times bestseller is a beloved modern classic. Hoot features a new kid and his new bully, alligators, some burrowing owls, a renegade eco-avenger, and several extremely poisonous snakes.Everybody loves Mother Paula's pancakes. Everybody, that is, except the colony of cute but endangered owls that live on… Read more
Flush - A hilarious, high-stakes adventure involving crooked casino boats, floating fish, toxic beaches, and one kid determined to get justice. This is Carl Hiaasen's Florida—where the creatures are wild and the people are wilder! You know it's going to be a rough summer when you spend Father's Day visiting your dad in… Read more
Scat - Carl Hiaasen takes us deep in the Everglades with an eccentric eco-avenger, a ticked-off panther, and two kids on a mission to find their missing teacher. Florida—where the animals are wild and the people are wilder! Bunny Starch, the most feared biology teacher ever, is missing. She disappeared after a school field trip… Read more
Chomp - Chomp is one of Carl Hiaasen's Young Adult novels. After Wahoo Cray's dad, a wildlife wrangler, who owns a collection of dangerous animals, gets hit on the head by a falling, frozen iguana and is out of work, the family finds itself in a financial crisis. So, when an offer… Read more
Skink–No Surrender - Richard's cousin is missing, and his best hope of finding her rests with the wily, one-eyed, ex-governor of Florida. Carl Hiaasen introduces his iconic character Skink to a younger audience in this nail-biting adventure!A National Book Award Longlist Selection Classic Malley: her parents are about to ship her off to boarding… Read more
Squirm - A wildly entertaining adventure involving snakes, grizzlies, a menacing drone, a missing father, and the kid determined to find him. In classic Hiaasen fashion, the animals here are wild, and the people are wilder!Some facts about Billy Dickens:  *  He once saw a biker swerve across the road in order to run… Read more
Carl Hiaasen Wrecker book Wrecker - Wrecker needs to deal with smugglers, grave robbers, and pooping iguanas—just as soon as he finishes Zoom school. Welcome to another wild adventure in Carl Hiaasen's Florida!Valdez Jones VIII calls himself Wrecker because his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather salvaged shipwrecks for a living. So is it destiny, irony, or just bad luck when Wrecker… Read more

Florida Book Series by Marc Landau

Turtle Cove

Turtle Cove: A Florida Gulf Coast Mystery - Nolan Parker just wants to relax, paint some turtles, and toss a ball with the dog. But...Things aren't going as planned.What starts out as a side hustle to pay for wifi and dog treats, ends up with Nolan chasing a teenage runaway around the beaches of Florida trying not to… Read more
Turtle Cove: The Case of Grandpa’s Dentures: A Short Florida Gulf Coast Mystery - It's still hot. It's still humid. It's still Florida. Nolan's at it again. Just when things were getting back to normal a toothache sends him spiraling into the Florida vortex. Unable to pay the bill he barters with the dentist. Because, of course you can barter for dental work in… Read more

Florida Book Series by Margaret Lashley

Val Fremden Midlife Mysteries

Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term - A Midlife Meltdown Leads to Southern-Fried Mayhem in this Hilarious Accidental Thriller!After being duped out of her life savings in Germany, Val Fremden retreats home to Florida with more than just her pride in tatters. At 45, she’s broke, divorced, and virtually unemployable. Starting over will be tough enough. But… Read more
Two Crazy: Fickle Finger of Fate - What Do You Do when Life Gives You the Finger?When you’re pushing 50 with an industrial bulldozer, birthdays can be a real pain. What was intended as a gag gift from Val's boyfriend ends up making her gag all right – and lands her in a whole heap of trouble… Read more
Three Dumb: Wheelin’ & Dealin’ - Baloney and Cheesed-Off.They say three’s the charm. But charming isn’t Val’s style.Val Fremden is a lot of things. Quirky. Jaded. Disaster prone. But more than anything, she’s afraid of commitment.When boyfriend Tom tells her he loves her – then trades away her mom’s ashes for a tiki hut – Val’s… Read more
What Four: Family Fruitcake Frenzy - Most Definitely Contains Nuts. All Val wants is a quiet holiday away from her oddball family. But that just ain't gonna happen. After a close brush with a crazy cousin in St. Pete, Val and her boyfriend Tom travel to Hicksville to find the annual "Family Fruitcake" competition already well… Read more
Five Oh: Fifty is the New F-Word - Ever Notice How a Wedding Ring and a Noose are the Same Shape?Val’s always been unlucky at love – and a whole bunch of other things. But she’s never actually felt cursed. Until now.When fiancé Tom plans a romantic getaway and can’t go, one of Val’s pals goes instead. On… Read more
Six Tricks: Doggone Disaster - I got a dog for my boyfriend. It was a good trade.When Val’s forced to take up dog-sitting as a second career, she runs into one tiny snag.She’s afraid of dogs.In fact, the only thing she’s more afraid of is Tom moving in and wrecking her Sweatpants Saturdays. With neighbor… Read more
Seven Daze: Redneck Rendezvous - You can’t fix stupid with duct tape. But you can muffle the sound.When Val tries to revive her old writing career, story ideas prove as elusive as a moment alone without her boyfriend Tom breathing down her neck.Tom’s moved in, and Val’s itching to move out – at least temporarily.… Read more
Figure Eight: Yard-Sale Karma - Old habits die hard. But old lounge chairs die harder.Val can’t solve all the world’s problems, so she’s settled on two: smashing every tacky figurine on the planet…and ridding the universe of her boyfriend’s hideous Barcalounger. During a neighborhood yard sale, the fate of Tom’s beloved chair comes down to… Read more
Cloud Nine: When Pigs Fly - Change happens. Even when it doesn’t make any cents.Planning for a rainy day has never been Val’s forte. But when a storm brews up right in her own backyard, Val’s forced to get off her lounge chair and spring into action. A shady, ham-fisted developer’s threatening to knock down Val’s… Read more

Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures

Moth Busters - The Truth is Out There … Way WAY Out There… Growing up in backwoods Florida, Bobbie Drex has seen it all – from two-headed turtles to two-timing boyfriends. Her life of hard knocks has left her short on cash, but she’s still packing enough snark to give any whack-job a… Read more
Dr. Prepper - Nothing Can Prepare You to Meet the Preppers ... All Bobbie Drex wanted was something normal—a new career as a private investigator. But after signing up with Nick Grayson to complete her internship, nothing normal has happened since. In fact, when Grayson gets a call about a possible alien invasion… Read more
Oral Robbers - Florida. Where Weird goes to Die. What better place than the Sunshine State for dark souls to live out their golden years? After all, who would notice? Uh … Bobbie and Grayson, of course. As a rogue physicist turned conspiracy chaser, Grayson’s motto is, “Have sentience, will travel.” As a… Read more
Ape Shift - Just How Great is that Ape, Anyway? When Bobbie and Grayson go on the hunt for the legendary Florida Skunk Ape, there’s more than one tangled mystery afoot. Grayson, the man Bobbie’s hung her life and career on, is every bit as evasive as the creature they’re tracking. At the start of… Read more
Weevil Spirits - Things that Go “Cheap” in the Night … When Grayson and Bobbie head to the Florida Panhandle to witness a spectacle of nature, they take a wrong turn and quickly find themselves up to their armpits in arthropods. And that’s the good part of their vacation. Campers are disappearing without a trace… Read more
Scatman Dues - When Bobbie and Grayson head back to Plant City to help out some old friends, they run into a “hole” new set of problems. While investigating a rash of missing persons, it’s not long before they get under each other’s skin. What’s making them all hot and bothered? Each other.… Read more

Florida Book Series by John D. MacDonald


Condominium: A Novel - Welcome to Florida’s Golden Sands, the dream condominium complex built on a weak foundation and a thousand dirty secrets. The real estate was a steal—literally. The maintenance charges run high as the locals are run out. It’s the home of shortcuts, crackdowns, breakups, oversights, and payoffs. Add it all up,… Read more

Travis McGee

John MacDonald's novel The Deep Blue Good-By The Deep Blue Good-By - In John MacDonald's "The Deep Blue Good-By" we're introduced to Travis McGee, a "Salvage Consultant" who is described as, "that big brown loose-jointed boat bum, that pale-eyed, wire-haired girl-seeker, that slayer of small savage fish, that beach-walker, gin-drinker, quip-maker, peace-seeker, iconoclast, disbeliever, argufier, that knuckly, scar-tissued, reject from a structured… Read more
Nightmare in Pink - Travis McGee’s permanent address is the Busted Flush, Slip F-18, Bahia Mar, Lauderdale, and there isn’t a hell of a lot that compels him to leave it. Except maybe a call from an old army buddy who needs a favor. If it wasn’t for him, McGee might not be alive. For that… Read more
A Purple Place for Dying - Travis McGee’s taking his retirement in installments while he’s still young enough to enjoy it. But sooner or later, his money runs out and he has to work. This time McGee’s lured out West to a strangely secretive meeting with a woman in trouble, in a place whose beauty hides… Read more
The Quick Red Fox - Sultry movie star Lysa Dean has gotten herself into a spot of blackmail, posing for naked photos while participating in a debauched party near Big Sur. If the pictures get out, Lysa’s engagement to her rich, strait laced fiancé doesn’t stand a chance. Enter Travis McGee, who’s agreed to put… Read more
A Deadly Shade of Gold - When Travis McGee picks up the phone and hears a voice from his past, he can’t help it: He has to meddle. Especially when he has the chance to reunite Sam Taggart, a reckless, restless man like himself, with the woman who’s still waiting for him. But what begins as… Read more
Bright Orange for the Shroud - Travis McGee is looking forward to a “slob summer,” spending his days as far away from danger as possible. But trouble has a way of finding him, no matter where he hides. An old friend, conned out of his life savings by his ex-wife, has tracked him down and is… Read more
One Fearful Yellow Eye - How to you extort $600,000 from a dying man? Someone had done it very quietly and skilfully to the husband of Travis McGee's ex-girlfriend. McGee flies to Chicago to help untangle the mess and discovers that although Dr. Fortner Geis had led an exemplary life, there were those who'd take… Read more
Darker Than Amber - A fishing trip is anything but relaxing when Travis McGee is involved. As McGee and his friend Meyer settle down to some midnight casting, a woman falls into the water from the bridge above them. Her name is Evangeline, and the hints she gives about the events leading to her… Read more
Pale Gray for Guilt - Travis McGee’s old football buddy Tush Bannon is resisting pressure to sell off his floundering motel and marina to a group of influential movers and shakers. Then he’s found dead. For a big man, Tush was a pussycat: devoted to his wife and three kids and always optimistic about his… Read more
The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper - He had done a big favor for her husband, then for the lady herself. Now she’s dead, and Travis McGee finds that Helena Pearson Trescott had one last request of him: to find out why her beautiful daughter Maureen keeps trying to kill herself. But what can a devil-may-care beach… Read more
Dress Her in Indigo - Travis McGee could never deny his old friend anything. So before Meyer even says please, McGee agrees to accompany him to Mexico to reconstruct the last mysterious months of a young woman’s life—on a fat expense account provided by the father who has lost touch with her. They think she’s… Read more
The Long Lavender Look - A lovely young girl steps in front of Travis McGee's headlights. McGee misses the girl but lands in ten feet of swamp water. As he's limping along the deserted road, someone in an old truck takes a few shots at him. And, when he goes to the local sheriff to… Read more
A Tan and Sandy Silence - Travis McGee is unnerved when he receives an unexpected guest—real estate developer Harry Broll, who is convinced that McGee is hiding his missing wife. Angry and jealous, Harry gets off a shot before McGee can wrestle his gun away. The thing is, McGee hasn’t seen or heard from Mary Broll… Read more
The Scarlet Ruse - Travis McGee is too busy with his houseboat to pay attention to the little old man with the missing postage stamps. Except these are no ordinary stamps. They are rare stamps. Four hundred thousand dollars worth of rare. And if McGee doesn't recognize their value, perhaps Mary Alice McDermit does,… Read more
The Turquoise Lament - Funny thing about favors. Sometimes they come back to haunt you. And Travis McGee owes his friend a big one for saving his life once upon a time. Now the friend’s daughter, Linda “Pidge” Lewellen, needs help five time zones away in Hawaii before she sails off into the deep… Read more
The Dreadful Lemon Sky - Around four in the morning, Travis McGee is jarred awake by a breathless ghost from his past: an old flame who needs a place to stash a package full of cash. What’s in it for McGee? Ten grand and no questions asked. Two weeks later, she’s dead. Carolyn Milligan was only… Read more
The Empty Copper Sea - Van Harder, once a hard drinker, has found religion. But that doesn't keep folks from saying he murdered his employer, Hub Lawless, whose body hasn't been found. To clear his name, and cear up the mystery, Van asks friend-in-need Travis McGee to find out what really happened. What McGee finds… Read more
The Green Ripper - Travis McGee has known his share of beautiful girls, but true love always passed him by—until Gretel. Life aboard the Busted Flush has never been so sweet. But suddenly, Gretel dies of an unidentified illness—or so he’s told. Convinced that the woman who stole his heart has been murdered, McGee finds himself… Read more
Free Fall in Crimson - This time out, McGee came close to losing his status as a living legend when he agreed to track down the killers who brutally murdered an ailing millionaire. For starters, he renewed an unfinished adventure with a famous--and oversexed--Hollywood actress, who led him into a very nasty nest of murderers… Read more
Cinnamon Skin - Travis McGee investigates the explosion of a cruise boat in the Florida Keys, supposedly the work of a Chilean underground organization Read more
The Lonely Silver Rain - Travis McGee has luck to thank for his reputation as a first-rate salvager of stolen boats. Now Billy Ingraham, a self-made tycoon, is betting that McGee can locate his $700,000 custom cruiser. McGee isn’t so sure. He knows all too well the dangerous link between Florida boatjackings and the drug… Read more

Florida Book Series by Bill H. Meyers

Mango Bob

Mango Bob - In this first book in the Mango Bob series, Walker has just lost his job, his wife has filed for divorce, and he’s living in a tent down by the river. Being ever resourceful, Walker swaps his truck for a motorhome (aka ‘the Love Bus’), and agrees to drive it… Read more
Mango Lucky - John Walker — recently divorced and living in a motorhome near the beach in Florida — seems to be on a lucky streak. No matter what he does, he comes out a winner. He's won the lottery, found a pot of gold, and met the perfect woman. But good luck… Read more
Mango Bay - Mango Bay, the latest novel in the Mango Bob series by Bill Myers. Laugh out loud funny, filled with zany characters living life in a sleepy beach town on Florida's west coast. Take an unemployed computer hacker living in an RV on the beach in Florida, a cranky cat named… Read more
Mango Glades - Traveling across Florida in a motorhome, Walker and his cat, Mango Bob, are enjoying a laid back lifestyle while trying to stay out of trouble. But trouble seems to find them wherever they go. Walker's agreed to take the lovely and recently single Doctor Joy to the Oasis Ranger Station… Read more
Mango Key - Walker and his bobtail cat, Mango Bob, are at it again. Traveling across Florida in their motorhome, enjoying a laidback lifestyle while trying to stay out of trouble. He's been asked by the lovely Doctor Joy to take her to Key West. She promises it'll be a trip he won't soon… Read more
Mango Blues - Mango Blues, the latest novel in the Mango Bob series by Bill Myers. Laugh out loud funny, filled with zany characters. A fun, feel-good read! What do you say when the leader of the Russian mob asks you to take his unmarried daughter camping for a week?You say “yes” and… Read more
Mango Digger - Mango Digger is the seventh adventure in the highly entertaining Mango Bob and Walker Series. Living in his motorhome, Walker is tasked with finding the daughter of the Mafia boss he befriended in Key West. She went missing while digging crystals in the mountains of Arkansas and to aid in… Read more
Mango Crush - Walker and Mango Bob are at it again. Traveling across Florida in a motorhome, enjoying a laidback lifestyle while trying to stay out of trouble. But trouble never seems to be far. Especially when it involves women.In Mango Crush, Walker gets an early morning call from the mysterious but lovely… Read more
Mango Motel - Living near the beach in his RV with his cat, Walker just wants to relax and savor the good life in Florida. But when he gets a call from the wife of a Key West crime boss asking for a favor, he knows he can't refuse. She wants him to… Read more
Mango Star - Walker and Mango Bob are on the road again. This time they're trying to escape record-breaking Florida heat. They head north in their RV, planning to spend a few days chilling at one of the cooler spots in the state. But things quickly go sideways when a famous actress shows… Read more
Mango Road - iving full time in his motorhome in Florida with his big-headed cat, Mango Bob, Walker figures he has it made. He can travel at will, has no bills, and a choice of prime campgrounds across the state.  But when the virus hits and campgrounds close and kick out full-time rv'ers,… Read more

Florida Book Series by Matthew Rief

Florida Keys Adventure Series

Hunted in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 2) - As summer rolls around in the Florida Keys and the tourists head north, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge has nothing on his mind but the ocean and enjoying the company of his buddies and his beautiful new girlfriend.But with Summer comes hurricane season, and strong winds and heavy rains aren’t… Read more
Revenge in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 3) - Former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge travels across the Caribbean and learns the painful truth behind his father’s death. Instead of dying of natural causes like he was told, his father was murdered and the thugs behind it are still at large.Vowing revenge, Logan races to take down the drug smugglers… Read more
Betrayed in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 4) - After coming into possession of a 17th-century dagger found in Florida Bay, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge scours the ocean with his friends in search of what they soon learn is a legendary pirate ship. It isn't long before Logan discovers more remnants of the wreck, but danger lurks on… Read more
Redemption in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 5) - During a normal, laid-back day in paradise, Logan Dodge never expected a ghost from his past to return. Angry and distrusting, the former Navy SEAL reluctantly agrees to the unthinkable: helping a wanted traitor. Despite his better judgement, Logan embarks on a dangerous journey that will lead him to question… Read more
Corruption in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 6) - Enjoying a semi-retirement lifestyle in paradise, Logan Dodge is spending an afternoon fishing in the Lower Keys when a runaway boat crashes into a nearby island. After discovering two injured scientists on board, it soon becomes evident that it was no accident. The smart thing to do would be to… Read more
Predator in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 7) - Just hours after returning home from his honeymoon, Logan Dodge receives the tragic news that two of his friends have been murdered in the Everglades. With no time to lose, the former Navy SEAL and his Key West crew travel to the famous swampland to track down and rain justice… Read more
Legend in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 8) - Former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge and his friends team up with a has-been treasure hunter on the most daring and dangerous search of his career. Their target is a precious lost diamond that was supposedly hidden away somewhere in the Florida Keys. Following hundred-year-old clues, they race to find the… Read more
Abducted in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 9) - After taking a liking to a teenaged orphan named Scarlett, Logan Dodge’s tropical lifestyle takes a gut-wrenching nosedive when she’s abducted by deadly sex traffickers. Knowing all too well what horrors await the innocent girl, the former Navy SEAL resolves to do whatever it takes to save her. Logan and… Read more
Showdown in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 10) - Months after taking down a sex trafficking operation, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge is finally falling back into his normal island lifestyle. But when his politician friend discovers the location of a corrupt billionaire on the run, Logan jumps at the chance to put an end to the vile businessman… Read more
Avenged in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 11) - On a seemingly normal day in paradise, a local treasure hunter is murdered just hours after discovering the biggest find of his life. Sensing a storm brewing, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge puts his island lifestyle on hold and takes a well-armed boat trip to the Upper Keys to investigate.… Read more
Broken in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 12) - While checking in on a local friend who’s recently gone off the rails, Logan Dodge discovers the outer reaches of a drug smuggling operation that’s been wreaking havoc on his islands’ inhabitants. His tropical home in a crisis, the former Navy SEAL spearheads efforts to rectify the problem the best… Read more
Gold in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 1) - In 1521, the Aztec treasure, considered to be the greatest ever assembled, vanished from the capitol city of Tenochtitlan. Almost five centuries later, former Navy SEAL Logan Dodge finds a mysterious gold coin on a secret ledge in the Florida Keys.When he learns the origin of the coin, Logan goes… Read more
Payback in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 13) - The past has a knack for catching up to us… and for Logan Dodge, the ghosts of bygone times have returned with the vengeance of a raging hurricane.In the 13th installment in the Florida Keys Adventure Series, Logan faces off against a twisted former brother in arms and a disgraced… Read more
Condemned in the Keys - Matthew Rief Condemned in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 14) - In Matthew Rief's Condemned in the Keys, for the first time in his life, Logan Dodge is on the wrong side of the law… Framed for murder, the former Navy SEAL fights to retain his freedom as the eyes of the nation glare upon Key West. In the midst of his… Read more
Voyage in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 15) - Adventure takes its toll on heroes and villains, and Logan Dodge has the physical and mental scars to prove it.Needing a break from it all, the former Navy SEAL and his family venture south to the island of Cozumel. But it’s not all scuba diving, fresh fish tacos, and bottomless… Read more
Guardian of the keys - Matthew Rief Guardian in the Keys: A Logan Dodge Adventure (Florida Keys Adventure Series Book 16) - In Matthew Rief's Guardian of the Keys, The plan was airtight. The murder unpreventable. That was until Logan Dodge happened to be passing by. When Jasmine Cruz, a beautiful model and global celebrity, visits Key West for a photoshoot, no one suspects she’s the victim of a sinister scheme lurking… Read more

Florida Book Series by Laurence Shames

Key West Capers

Florida Straits - "People go to Key West for lots of different reasons. Joey Goldman went there to become a gangster..." So begins this classic Key West caper, the hilarious and touching book that launched a much-loved series and introduced the world to Bert the Shirt and his chihuahua Don Giovanni, two of… Read more
Scavenger Reef - "In this business, nothing is as good as dead..." The business in question is the high-end art world, and everyone in this darkly comedic mystery wants a piece of it. When painter Augie Silver is lost at sea in a sailing accident, his many friends among Key West's artists, writers,… Read more
Sunburn - t's not easy being the Godfather. All those secrets and all that guilt add up to a terrible burden--a weight that's killing Vincente Delgatto. When the old man travels to Key West for a visit with his illegitimate son--Joey Goldman, the unlikely hero of FLORIDA STRAITS--Joey floats the idea of… Read more
Tropical Depression - When Murray Zemelman, a.k.a. The Bra King, pops another Prozac and heads to the Keys, he has nothing much in mind beyond a quixotic hope of winning back his first wife, Franny, whom he dumped years before. But when he forms an unlikely friendship with Tommy Tarpon, the last remaining… Read more
Virgin Heat - Mafia princess Angelina Amaro has only ever loved one man-and that lone affair was never consummated. Why not? Because her would-be lover, Sal Martucci, fled into the Witness Protection Program after ratting out Angelina's father.  When Sal is discovered working as a bartender in Key West, the wildly dysfunctional Amaro… Read more
Mangrove Squeeze - Key West seduces people--then asks them to leave in the morning. Take Aaron Katz. He chucked his NY nine-to-five to restore the Mangrove Arms, a rotting wreck of a guest house. Suki Sperakis, aspiring journalist, sees opportunity in Florida, too, though in the meantime she's peddling ad space for a… Read more
Welcome to Paradise - For friendly, easygoing furniture salesman Al Tuschman, frizzy hair is the least of his problems. Before he'd left New Jersey for a week's vacation in Key West, he hadn't an enemy in the world. But a series of puzzling assaults on his privacy, his sanity, and his life has turned… Read more
The Naked Detective - Meet Pete Amsterdam, the world's most reluctant sleuth.  Naked in his hot tub, Pete is idly reviewing his morning tennis game when trouble arrives in the form of the inevitable blonde. This being Key West, the blonde is not quite what she seems, and it's useless to explain to her… Read more
Shot on Location - Take three speedboats, a disgruntled ghostwriter, and a hit TV show starring a gorgeous but impossible diva and created by a driven genius who may be losing his marbles. Add a fearless and gleefully profane stuntwoman, an ancient Mafioso with a chihuahua, and a revenge-crazed blonde in gladiator sandals. Stir… Read more
Tropical Swap - Wanted: NY apartment in exchange for a great Key West house with swimming pool. In February. Who wouldn’t take a swap like that? Then again, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is, as Meg and Peter Kaplan soon discover. Heading south for a supposed dream… Read more
Key West Luck - Sometimes small dreams are the ones most worth fighting for… Phoebe has a dream—a very modest dream. She wants to own a Sno-Cone truck at the beach in Key West. Nicky, her would-be boyfriend, also dreams small. All he wants is a decent gig as a guitar player in a… Read more
One Strange Date - Perfect romance. Perfect nightmare. Sometimes it’s a fine line. Meet Key West native Renita Daughtry--22, wide-eyed, gorgeous, and very much in love with love. In other words, an irresistible target for professional impostor and pathological liar Richie Pestucci, who plans to charm her into utter helplessness. But there’s just one… Read more
One Big Joke - “What is with you lately?” Lenny’s wife would like to know. “You’ve been acting like everything is one big joke.” And it’s true—unemployed TV writer Lenny Sullivan has been having trouble seeing his life and times as anything more than fodder for edgy wisecracks. But when he bolts to Key… Read more
Nacho Unleashed - Key West has a new hero… He weighs four pounds and stands eight inches off the ground. His name is Nacho and he’s the bravest, shrewdest, funniest Chihuahua you will ever meet. He’ll do anything to help his master, the retired Mafioso Bert the Shirt, and his friends—especially the beautiful… Read more
The Paradise Gig - FACT: In September 1964, the Beatles, their private flight diverted by Hurricane Dora, made an unplanned visit to Key West.  FICTION: Poolside at their motel, the Fab Four fell into conversation with a snappy-dressing local named Bert the Shirt, who listened as the band worked out a harmony to the… Read more

Key West Short Stories

Chickens - veryone's afraid of something, right? But if our fears sometimes make us look like chickens, they also present opportunities for us to behave like heroes. This is a little story about a fateful confrontation of a very feisty rooster vs. Bert the Shirt and his chihuahua. Which side will back… Read more

Florida Book Series by Randy Wayne White

Doc Ford

Randy Wayne White's Sanibel Flats Doc Ford novel Sanibel Flats - In Sanibel Flats, the first of Randy Wayne White's Doc Ford series novels, ex-CIA agent Marion "Doc" Ford is enjoying his new life as a marine biologist on the Dinkins Bay Marina, when high school friend Rafe Hollins calls him for help when his son is kidnapped. When Ford agrees… Read more
The Heat Islands - Marine biologist and former secret operative Doc Ford is lazily poling his skiff along Southwest Florida’s flat copper sea in search of sea anemones when he runs into the body of the most hated man on Sanibel Island: Marvin Rios. But when the community’s simplest and sweetest resident is arrested… Read more
The Man Who Invented Florida - When solitary marine biologist Doc Ford focused his telescope on the woman in the white boat, he didn't know his life was about to be capsized: that his conniving uncle, Tucker Gatrell, would discover the Fountain of Youth, that the National Enquirer would write about it, and that the law would beat… Read more
Captiva - Former government agent-turned-marine biologist Doc Ford finds himself unable to maintain his neutrality when a battle between Florida's sport and commercial fishermen escalates into arson and murder. Read more
North of Havana - White's newest thriller takes Doc Ford to Havana, where his friend is being held by the Cuban government.  Still haunted by his suspected involvement in a plot against Castro, Ford ventures to Cuba--where he finds himself entangled in a web of murder, revenge, and assassination. Read more
The Mangrove Coast - Marine Biologist Doc Ford is hot on the trail of a dead friend’s wife. Apparently, the woman vanished into the steaming jungles of South America guided by a truly disgusting specimen of humanity. From Florida to Columbia and Panama, Doc traces their path, but a shadowy figure is following him… Read more
Ten Thousand Islands - Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl found an ancient gold medallion on a small island off the Florida gulf coast. Soon she was having nightmares and later was found hanging from a tree. Although the death was ruled a suicide, the girl's mother, Della, is now sure there was foul… Read more
Shark River - Marine biologist Doc Ford is spending two easy weeks on luxurious Guava Key compiling data. But when two young women at the resort are attacked, Doc comes to their rescue. In an instant, he is pulled into an international plan of revenge that becomes more deadly with each passing hour.… Read more
Twelve Mile Limit - t starts out as a fun excursion for four divers off the Florida coast. Two days later only one is found alive-naked atop a light tower in the Gulf of Mexico. What happened during those 48 hours? Doc Ford thinks he's prepared for the truth. He isn't. Read more
Everglades - Doc Ford returns to his stilt house on Dinkin's Bay to find an old friend and one-time lover waiting for him. Her real-estate developer husband has disappeared and been pronounced dead, and she's sure there's worse to follow-and she's right. Following the trail, Ford ends up deep in the Everglades,… Read more
Tampa Burn - When Balserio, a thuggish one-time dictator, out of power in his own country and consumed by a desire for revenge, kidnaps the young son of his wife, Pilar, the result of a love affair with Doc Ford, Ford must risk everything to rescue the boy from Balserio's new Florida home… Read more
Dead of Night - It starts with a simple request: check up on the mysteriously reclusive biologist brother of an old friend. But what Doc Ford stumbles upon in the doctor’s secluded island home is a nightmare. He has hanged himself—and his body is host to a rare strain of feeding, breathing parasites. It’s… Read more
Dark Light - A Category 4 hurricane has swept the west coast of Florida, creating havoc, changing lives, and reshaping the ocean bottom. Well-known reefs and wrecks have been covered—and new ones have emerged.    From one such wreck, marine biologist Doc Ford and his friends make a chance discovery that will have a… Read more
Hunter’s Moon - Doc Ford saves a former President of the United States from assassination-and regrets it. Months ago, Kal Wilson's wife was killed in a plane crash. President Wilson is sure it was no accident-and he wants revenge. He needs Doc Ford to spring him loose from the watchful eye of the… Read more
Black Widow - Doc Ford is drawn into a deadly battle when his goddaughter Shay is blackmailed. Someone filmed her at an out-of-control bachelorette party?and they want big money to keep it quiet. When Ford investigates, he finds that the woman responsible is an agent of corruption unlike any Ford has ever encountered… Read more
Dead Silence - When his U.S. senator girlfriend is kidnapped during an assassination attempt outside the Explorers Club in New York City, Doc Ford sets out on a rescue mission in the Florida Keys with his friend Tomlinson; an effort that is further complicated by the kidnapper's claims that the senator has been… Read more
Deep Shadow - Doc Ford wrestles more than one kind of demon in this stunning novel from the New York Times-best-selling author. Many dangers lurk in the deep - the worst of them are human. Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy, beginner-level dive in a remote Florida lake, the rim of… Read more
Night Vision - Doc Ford is on a collision course with death in this extraordinary new novel from the New York Times best-selling author.  A lot is going on in the trailer park known as Little Guadalajara, inhabited principally by illegal laborers. The park manager is the hired gun of a financial syndicate that wants… Read more
Chasing Midnight - It began peacefully enough, on one of Florida's private islands. At a reception hosted by a notorious Russian black marketeer, Doc Ford uses darkness, and his friend Tomlinson, as cover to get an underwater look at the billionaire's yacht. By the time Ford surfaces, everything has changed. Environmental extremists have… Read more
Bone Deep - When a Crow Indian acquaintance of Tomlinson’s asks him to help recover a relic stolen from his tribe, Doc Ford is happy to tag along - but neither Doc nor Tomlinson realize what they’ve let themselves in for. Their search takes them to the part of Central Florida known as… Read more
Cuba Straits - Doc Ford's old friend, General Juan Garcia, has gone into the lucrative business of smuggling Cuban baseball players into the US. He is also feasting on profits made by buying historical treasures for pennies on the dollar. He prefers what dealers call HPC items - high-profile collectibles - but when… Read more
Deep Blue - On a moonless night on Sanibel Island, Florida, marine biologist Marion "Doc" Ford carefully watches a video of a hooded man executing three hostages. The man is an American working with ISIS, and in the next few days, it'll be Ford's job, as part of his shadowy second life, to… Read more
Mangrove Lightning - Doc Ford has been involved in many strange cases. This may be one of the strangest.  A legendary charter captain and guide named Tootsie Barlow has come to him, muttering about a curse. The members of his extended family have suffered a bizarre series of attacks, and Barlow is convinced… Read more
Caribbean Rim - Marine biologist Doc Ford has been known to help his friends out of jams occasionally, but he's never faced a situation like this. His old pal Carl Fitzpatrick has been chasing sunken wrecks most of his life, but now he's run afoul of the Florida Division of Historical Resources. Its… Read more
Salt River - Marine biologist and former government agent Doc Ford is sure he's beyond the point of being surprised by his longtime pal Tomlinson's madcap tales of his misspent youth. But he's stunned anew when avowed bachelor Tomlinson reveals that as a younger man strapped for cash, he'd unwittingly fathered multiple children… Read more

Dusky MacMorgan

Key West Connection - Ex–Navy SEAL Dusky MacMorgan survived a military hell only to find it again where he least expected it—as a fisherman trolling the Gulf Stream in his thirty-foot clipper. His new life is shattered when a psychotic pack of drug runners turns the turquoise waters red with the blood of his… Read more
The Deep Six - Gifford Remus is well known as an eccentric scavenger in Key West, combing the ocean, beaches, and byways for anything of interest. But the gold chain he shows to Dusky MacMorgan is no ordinary trinket—it’s the key to finding a long-lost treasure at the bottom of the sea. Before MacMorgan… Read more
Cuban Death-Lift - When Fidel Castro allows thousands of Cubans to depart for America in the Mariel Boatlift, he exports the worst criminals and undesirables of his country along with them. To monitor the situation, the CIA sends infiltrators to Cuba-where they vanish without a trace.  In desperation, the Agency turns to ex-Navy… Read more
The Deadlier Sex - Dusty MacMorgan and his pal Westy O'Davis are fishing along South Florida's Ten Thousand Island coast when they make a most unusual catch-a naked woman. And no sooner do they get her on board than a nearby trawler explodes.  Even more remarkable is the story the waterborne beauty tells upon… Read more
Assassin’s Shadow - MacMorgan has been many things to many people in his lifetime: warrior, adventurer, lover, hell-raiser, and hero. Now, the U.S. government wants him to be something else—an assassin.  At the ultra-exclusive Florida resort of St. Carib, the rich, famous, and elite flock to have their bodies sculpted and scalpeled to perfection.… Read more
Everglades Assault - MacMorgan is living the good life on his stilt house a mile off Fleming Key. The skies are as blue as the sea, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. But there’s a storm coming in the form of the beautiful April Yarborough. She’s the daughter of an old… Read more
Grand Cayman Slam - When Dusky gets a call for help from his old buddy Capt. Wes O'Davis, he knows there's big trouble brewing. O'Davis has been set up to take the fall on a murder rap by a gang of kidnappers whose latest victim is the son of Sir Conan James and Lady… Read more

Hannah Smith

Gone - Hannah Smith is a tall, strong, formidable Florida woman, the descendant of generations of strong Florida women. She makes her living as a fishing guide, but her friends, neighbors, and clients also know her as an uncommonly resourceful woman with a keen sense of justice, as someone who can’t be… Read more
Deceived - An almost twenty-year-old unsolved murder from Florida’s pot-hauling days gets Hannah Smith’s attention, but so does a more immediate problem. A private museum devoted solely to the state’s earliest settlers and pioneers has been announced, and many of Hannah’s friends and neighbors in Sulfur Wells are being pressured to make… Read more
Haunted - The house is historic, some say haunted. It is also slated to be razed and replaced by condos, unless Hannah Smith can do something about it. She’s been hired by a wealthy Palm Beach widow to prove that the house’s seller didn’t disclose everything he knew about the place when… Read more
Seduced - A fishing guide and part-time investigator, Hannah Smith is a tall, strong Florida woman descended from many generations of the same. But the problem before her now is much older even than that.            Five hundred years ago, Spanish conquistadors planted the first orange seeds in Florida, but now the whole… Read more


Fins - The world’s shark population is in trouble for a sad, simple reason: shark fin soup. And although it’s illegal, poachers have been targeting Florida’s biannual migration of blacktip sharks.  Marine biologist Doc Ford needs some assistance protecting the sharks and enlists the help of three kids―Luke, Maribel and Sabina. Luke… Read more
Stingers - Marine biologist Doc Ford invites Maribel, Luke, and Sabina to a remote island in the Bahamas where lionfish, a beautiful and venomous inhabitant of the South Pacific that has invaded Florida and the Caribbean, are not just upsetting the balance of nature by damaging the coral reefs—their sting has put… Read more