Walker and Mango Bob are at it again. Traveling across Florida in a motorhome, enjoying a laidback lifestyle while trying to stay out of trouble. But trouble never seems to be far. Especially when it involves women.
In Mango Crush, Walker gets an early morning call from the mysterious but lovely Abby – aka the Goat Girl – asking him to drive across the state to pick her up in St Augustine. She says they’ll be on the road for a week, so he better bring some wine because she’s no fun when she’s sober. 
No way he can turn her down, so he loads up his motorhome and heads out. But this is Florida and things rarely go as planned. Soon Walker finds himself in a different kind of hunt. One that will change his life forever. 
Ride along as Walker and his cat, Mango Bob, travel across Florida in their motorhome, trying to avoid trouble that seems to show up around every curve.