iving full time in his motorhome in Florida with his big-headed cat, Mango Bob, Walker figures he has it made. He can travel at will, has no bills, and a choice of prime campgrounds across the state. 

But when the virus hits and campgrounds close and kick out full-time rv’ers, he has to scramble to find somewhere safe to shelter in place. After a rainy week of boondocking behind a broken down motel, he gets an invite from an old gal pal to stay with her on what she describes as an organic farm.

It sounds too good to pass up and he takes her up on the offer. It’s only after he arrives that he discovers things are not exactly as described. The tall razor-wire fences surrounding the farm along with tight security suggests there might be something other than organic veggies being grown in the three big greenhouses behind the farm’s gates.

Ride along with Walker and Bob as they deal with bumbling crooks, a suspicious sheriff, and a boss with a big secret. 
Another fun Florida adventure with Mango Bob and Walker in their motorhome.their home on wheels.