Guardian of the keys - Matthew Rief

In Matthew Rief‘s Guardian of the Keys, The plan was airtight. The murder unpreventable. That was until Logan Dodge happened to be passing by.
When Jasmine Cruz, a beautiful model and global celebrity, visits Key West for a photoshoot, no one suspects she’s the victim of a sinister scheme lurking beneath the surface.
Not far from the underwater shoot, Logan and his best friend are out for a day of lobster diving and spearfishing when they sense trouble in paradise. Never one to be idle when injustice transpires, the former Navy SEAL dives into action. But saving the celebrity proves to be merely the tip of the iceberg when she reveals a dark and dangerous secret involving a powerful Hollywood mogul. A secret that could not only ruin careers, but put prominent figures behind bars.
Needing to defend their operation at any cost, the vicious tycoon resorts to plan B—dispatching a notoriously ruthless hit team to Key West with one objective: to make Cruz disappear. If Logan can’t save her, no one will. And if she dies, so does the best chance of bringing down the formidable heavy hitter and his inner circle of criminals.
Guardian in the Keys is a rip-roaring, scuba diving, bare-knuckle justice adventure in paradise. Get ready. Things are about to heat up in the Florida Keys.