t’s not easy being the Godfather. All those secrets and all that guilt add up to a terrible burden–a weight that’s killing Vincente Delgatto. When the old man travels to Key West for a visit with his illegitimate son–Joey Goldman, the unlikely hero of FLORIDA STRAITS–Joey floats the idea of a conscience-easing memoir, to be written in collaboration with a local reporter. 

It’s a well-intentioned but extremely dangerous idea, since no one–not the Mafia, not the FBI, not the legitimate heir to the Delgatto family business–wants to see that memoir published. Will Vincente live long enough to get a lifetime’s worth of secrets off his chest? Will writer Arty Magnus ever actually finish a book? For that matter, will Bert the Shirt and his chihuahua Don Giovanni ever enjoy a completely successful walk, and are there punishments enough on earth for Gino, the ingrate son who’d rat out his own father?

Balancing suspense and humor, double-crosses and tenderness, SUNBURN is both a full-throttle crime novel and a touching meditation on family, old age, and the many shades of human loyalty.