Carl Hiaasen's novel Bad Monkey

In Carl Hiaasen‘s Bad Monkey, Andrew Yancy is suspended from his job as a Key West Detective after sodomizing his girlfriend’s husband in broad daylight with a Dust Buster. When the Sheriff asks him to take a severed arm to Miami, it kicks off what Yancy hopes is his ticket back to the police department. Instead, he’s demoted to restaurant inspector, but doesn’t let that stop him from investigating what he thinks is a murder plot.

Along the way, in pure Hiaasen fashion, Yancy battles a New York developer building a spec house next door, falls for a Miami coroner, has to deal with his crazy ex-girlfriend, and the family of the man who’s arm he’s been asked to look after.

From the Keys the investigation takes him to The Bahamas, where we meet Driggs, a bad little monkey who was rumored to have starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, an oversexed voodoo witch known as the Dragon Queen and a simple fisherman trying to save his beachfront property from being turned into a luxury resort, by crooked Real Estate developers .

-Florida Fiction Editor