“In this business, nothing is as good as dead…”

The business in question is the high-end art world, and everyone in this darkly comedic mystery wants a piece of it.

When painter Augie Silver is lost at sea in a sailing accident, his many friends among Key West’s artists, writers, and hangers-on mourn–until, that is, they realize that Augie’s death has sent the prices for his pictures skyrocketing. What at first seemed a tragedy turns out to be a windfall–until, that is, Augie, rescued at sea, limps back to town alive. Not everyone is thrilled by the artist’s resurrection. Someone, in fact, is upset enough to start trying to bump off Augie for real.

Full of steamy Key West atmosphere and sometimes brutal insights into the wacky world of creative types, SCAVENGER REEF is both a taut whodunit and a wise meditation on loyalty real or faked, friendships sincere or toxic.