Florida. Where Weird goes to Die.

What better place than the Sunshine State for dark souls to live out their golden years? After all, who would notice?

Uh … Bobbie and Grayson, of course.

As a rogue physicist turned conspiracy chaser, Grayson’s motto is, “Have sentience, will travel.” As a broke, private-eye wannabe, Bobbie doesn’t have much choice but to follow his sketchy command. 

But every road Grayson travels down leads to the bizarre, the unexplained, and taco-induced heartburn. 

Vampires. Zombiguanas. Ikigai smell. Cheesy moustaches.

It’s hard to decide which is scarier.

But decide, Bobbie must. And before sundown, too. Because in the freaky parts of Florida she now investigates with Grayson, nothing is ever quite exactly as it seems ….