Heading to the beach for a Christmas Vacation? Don’t forget to pack When Elves Attack! Tim Dorsey’s take on a holiday story, tells the tale of Jim Davenport, a Management Consultant, who is paid to deliver the bad news to downsized employees, and also happens to be an old acquaintance of Serge A. Storms. When Davenport’s path crosses that of a downsized Mall Cop, Serge and Coleman step in and wreak havoc as only they can.

When Serge gets into the Holiday spirit and decides to rent a house across the street from Davenport, the party really gets started.

— FloridaFiction.com editor

Nobody does Florida weirdness quite like Tim Dorsey! Case in point: When Elves Attack, the New York Times bestselling author’s twisted Christmas present to his legion of adoring fans who can’t get enough of thrill-killer and Sunshine State historian Serge A. Storms, the most endearing psychopath since Dexter. Dorsey offers the perfect antidote for all those sappy feel-good holiday stories with this zany blockbuster extravaganza in which his wonderfully deranged serial killer Floridaphile delivers his special brand of Christmas cheer. More outrageous than Santa Claus in a Speedo, When Elves Attack serves up a Yuletide feast of the “pure gonzo humor” the New York Times Book Review enthusiastically attributes to this fearlessly funny writer. Think Bad Santa and National Lampoon’s Family Vacation, blend in Dorsey’s trademark appetite for destruction, and you’ve got hilarious crime fiction black comedy that anyone would be thrilled to discover stuffed in their Christmas stocking.